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I AM ONE Initiative

I AM ONE of a group of individuals whose ongoing mission is to increase awareness of child abuse and neglect in our community throughChildren playing education and support of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC).

  • I AM ONE who seeks to attract people who will be moved to contribute their time, talents and resources to the CAC on a continuing basis.
  • I AM ONE who will invite others in my circle of influence to join in perpetuating the mission, as advocates for the Child Advocacy Center, each member is also encouraged to become educated about the signs and symptoms of child abuse and to promote prevention efforts.
  • I AM ONE who will assist in ensuring the financial stability of the Child Advocacy Center through fundraising projects and financial contributions in order to secure the critical, professional handling of the serious problem of child abuse.

JOIN US! Become I AM ONE who will (one or more may apply):

...who will advocate to protect children
...who will contribute financially
...who will organize a fundraising project
...who will share my talents, gifts, and/or resources.
...who survived child abuse
...who will speak up for children
...who believes abuse and neglect of any child will not be tolerated
...will continue the 100 Women legacy by donating $1,000 or more annually.

"I think of our women as Women Warriors.  We fight to stop sexual violence against children and to help our young victims heal." 

-Leslie Alexander  

"The idea that child abuse is happening on our watch is intolerable!" -Kathy Cunningham

"Our hearts are heavy when we learn of the experiences of these children, but together we can make a difference."   -Penny Rue


Click on the link below to sign up today or call (803) 644-5100 for more information.



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